Facility and Pipeline Construction

Train is capable of completing a wide range of projects, from small to large.  Projects can range in size from 5 to 150 man crews with multiple subcontractors under Train’s management.  Train has successfully installed pipelines and gathering systems from 2” to 36”, steel, composite and HDPE.

Maintenance and Turnarounds

Train provides plant and field maintenance for oil and gas production facilities and pipelines throughout Alberta.  Services include facility turnarounds, field and facility maintenance and repairs, and pipeline maintenance and repairs.

Line Abandonments and Reclamation

Train helps companies reclaim Right-of-ways and suspend or abandon pipelines and facilities in place.  Train works with the owners to determine the total scope required and creates budgets.  Train handles the pigging, demolition, and completion of appropriate data and forms for the Owner.

Fabrication and Module Assembly

Train has completed all of it’s own fabrication since inception.  Train has the capacity to do all structural steel and piping at its own facilities.  Carbon Steel, low alloy steel and alloyed products such as aluminum and stainless can be completed.  Train has completed process modules for Baytex and Pembina Gas Services, as well as structural and piping modules for delivery to Veresen Midstream in Hythe, Alberta.

Steam Jacketed Piping

Train specializes in the fabrication of steam-jacketed piping for sulphur and other products.  Train has EXTENSIVE experience with ABSA and various owners to facilitate timely and cost efficient construction of this difficult task.  Train just completed, in the past year, over 25000 inches of steam jacketed piping for installation at CNRL, as a sub-contractor, and as the general contractor for fabrication.

Engineering, Drafting and Piping Design

Train has in-house engineering, as well as alliances with various groups, to perform all aspects of the design for numerous projects of various sizes.  Train has designed and fabricated piping modules for various Oil and Gas customers.

3D Laser Scanning

With the industry moving towards more accurate digital data collection, Train has the equipment and trained personnel to gather and compile that data for you.  3D laser scanning is becoming the standard approach, replacing manual measurements. It’s a non-contact method of capturing accurate as-built data, by capturing physical objects in 3D. It produces a comprehensive set of measurement points known as a point cloud, managed in engineering and design software.

This technology is easier and faster than previous methods and produces more accurate results.

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