• “I was truly impressed with this firm.”

  • “A safety first attitude was noticed throughout the entire organization and was driven down from top management.”

  • “Great respect for the professional capability of Train Oilfield Services Ltd.”

  • “I can say that my experience working with Train Oilfield Services has proven equal or better than that with many larger contractors.”

  • “I would look forward to the opportunity to again work with Train Oilfield Services.”

  • “Completed the project on time and on budget.”

  • “Superior supervisory skills.”

  • “Planned, scheduled and coordinated work so it could be done in an orderly fashion.”

  • “The Train crew treated our facility and staff with the utmost respect while here.”

  • “Thanks for making our experience with Train Oilfield Services so enjoyable.”

  • “There was also a commitment to quality.”

  • “I can definitely recommend them and will be using them in the future.”

  • “They were organized, efficient and willing to do whatever was needed to get a particular task accomplished.”

  • “Their cooperative attitude and good cheer was important and appreciated.”

  • “Train is also a most dependable team player.”

  • “Their good judgement and mature outlook ensure a logical and practical approach to their endeavors.”

  • “Train would be an asset to any organization and I am happy to give them my wholehearted endorsement.”

  • “Because of their ambition, unwavering professionalism and great commitment, Train deserves serious consideration as a potential contractor and I recommend them.”

  • “Working in Train Oil, along with your professional crew was (is) a great experience for me. You are trustworthy and reliable which makes my job easier and more pleasant. “

  • "Train Oilfield Services Ltd. is capable of providing equipment and labor support for clean-up of petrochemical spills.  Train has worked exclusively with SWAT Consulting Inc., one of North America's Leading Emergency Response Service Providers.  Train has provided over 5,000 man-hours of support in both Alberta and Saskatchewan since April 2015. SWAT Consulting and Train work hand in hand together, with SWAT providing subject matter expertise and technical know-how to the release response, as well as ensuring that all regulatory testing and remedial requirements, including aquatic and wildfire management. SWAT relies on the support of Train and their dedicated and experienced labor personnel to assist in achieving these results for the client."

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