Pembina – Grassroots Cryogenic Plant

Train was contracted on a time and materials basis to complete construction of a grass roots cryogenic plant (ethane extraction) in Midale, Saskatchewan. Train coordinated all activities such as pile cutting, capping, skid delivery and setting, piping fabrication, installation and commissioning. Work required involved large cranes (>300 tonne) alloy fabrication, and coordination of all third […]

Whitecap Resources

Train was contracted by Whitecap Resources to construct a compressor and battery facility with a tank farm consisting of 6 – 5000 lb oil tanks and 2 water tanks. Train also completed the pipeline, gathering facility, loading station and all the necessary piping near Elnora, Alberta. Train was also contracted to perform numerous line locations, […]

Mistral Canada

Train was contracted to replace an existing contractor at a site in the Fernie area of BC. The project involved the completion of installation of a large Heat Recovery Unit, all the associated piping and structural steel, as well as the assembly and commissioning of various pieces of equipment for a co-generation facility. A large […]


Train was contracted by TAQA to complete the installation of a new flare stack, water treatment facility and flare system upgrade at the Crossfield Facility. Train was required to do it’s own isometric drawings, purchase materials, qualify, coordinate and manage all 3rd party contractors for this project. Train completed the work in a sour gas […]


Train was contracted on an hourly basis to complete over 25,000 inches of steam jacketed piping, in a very short time period, for installation at CNRL Horizon. With the ability to run 12 hour day and 12 hour night shifts, utilizing our large fabrication areas, Train was able to meet CNRL’s time demands. All work […]

Veresen Energy – Hythe Liquids Recovery Project

Train was contracted to complete Phase 1 which includes the addition of a refrig skid including de-ethanizer tower, aerial coolers and methanol injection tank and pump. It also included the addition of pipe racks and interconnecting piping and cable tray racks.

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