Train Oilfield Services Ltd. is committed to conducting its activities in a manner that safeguards the health and safety of our employees, contractors, and the public; as well as preserves the quality of the environment for future generations. Management, employees and contractors share the responsibility for providing the leadership necessary to effectively manage the required plans and programs.

We will conduct all company activities on the basis that “prevention of accidents and injury is the priority” and is to be considered an integral part of company work. No work shall be considered so “urgent” that it is undertaken without suitable safety precautions.

We believe exemplary performance in the areas of health, safety and the environment is essential to fulfilling our business goals and meeting the needs and expectations of our many stakeholders.

Our commitment is to integrate the following objectives into the decisions affecting our operations:

  • Establish measurable performance targets and ensure that employees and contractors have the abilities needed to attain these goals
  • Ensure employees and contractors meet or exceed all regulatory requirements and industry standards
  • Ensure that all workers understand that they have the right to work in a safe & healthy environment; and the right and responsibility to refuse to work in an unsafe environment
  • Promote consultation with the public, government agencies, and other stakeholders regarding company operations and be responsive to their concerns
  • Adopt a pollution prevention approach to activity planning and drive towards reducing emissions and minimizing wastes
  • Conduct assessments of company and contractor operations to identify risks and take proactive steps that prevent or reduce the impact of those risks
  • Ensure that effective emergency response procedures and equipment are in place to respond to unforeseen events
  • Report all near misses and incidents and conduct investigations that result in the improvements needed to prevent their recurrence
  • Encourage innovative solutions that will help us improve our health, safety and environmental performance

We expect that excellence in health, safety and environmental performance will be achieved through the support and active participation of all management, employees and contractors working for Train.

For more information relating to Health and Safety, please reach out to our Health & Safety Manager Barry Morris

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