• Train Oifield Services Ltd.
  • 3001 23 St, Didsbury, AB T0M 0W0
  • 403-335-0031

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Train Oilfield Services shop is ¼ mile north of Hwy 582 on Range Road 20.

Chris Overwater

Owner/Project Manager/Construction Manager/QC Manager

1-403-335-0031 Ext 106

Rick Blair

VP of Business Operations

1-403-335-0031 Ext 107

Murray Thursby

Procurement/QC Manager

1-403-335-0031 Ext 103

Jenifer Millett


1-403-335-0031 Ext 101

Erik Svendsen

Project Engineer

1-403-335-0031 Ext 102

Nolan McInnis

Quality Control

1-403-335-0031 Ext 105

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